Same people, new name.

Today, 4/5/17, the FCC approved the transfer of ownership of WIDE-LP from the original owner, Health Writers, to the new owner Madison Mainstream Radio (MMR). All 4 of us on the MMR board were previously on the Health Writers board. The original function of MMR ended when our former partner got their own station and turned MMR over to us in 2015. We have already combined the few Health Writers resources with our part of the MMR resources. Now we can proceed with the dissolution of Health Writers and take advantage of the 501(c)(3) status of MMR.

2017 Program Changes

WIDE-LP is making numerous changes in programming for the new year as follows:
Democracy Now! is moving from 10 am to 9 am on weekdays and the morning Wider Horizons series is moving from 9 am to 10 am.
The Monday morning Crime Alert will move from just before 9 am to an evening spot just before 5 pm.
The Mon. 6 pm Moyers & Company Archives will be replaced with Bill Moyers in Conversation (from 2016).
The Saturday CounterSpin broadcast will move from 12:30 pm to 9 am and may be followed by a Wisconsin News Connection story repeated from a preceding weeknight.

Final meeting with former partner

On Nov. 13, 2016, we held our final meeting with our former station partner, Madison Christian LPFM Radio. They had half the air time on WIDE-LP and covered half the expenses until July 30, 2015. The meeting was at the broadcast location of their new station, WALK-LP in Monona. We took care of the final separation of equipment and final bill payments. See our history page at for details.

Community feedback meeting set for Sunday Oct. 30

After one year of broadcasting to west Madison from north of the Beltline, WIDE-LP is holding a community meeting at the nearby Sequoya Library, at the corner of Tokay and Midvale Blvds, to get feedback and field questions from the neighborhoods at the center of our listening area. We'll start the meeting by discussing with library staff how the radio station might help promote services which the library provides to the area. Then we will open the meeting up to general questions and feedback. See

Sunset Village Voice article about us

The Sunset Village Community Association included an article about us in their winter newsletter. It's just past the middle, online at

Midvale Messenger article about us

Thanks to Paul Baker for the nice article about WIDE-LP on p. 7 of the current Midvale Messenger (online at, newsletter of the Midvale Heights Community Association. Midvale Heights is the west Madison neighborhood that we are now broadcasting from.

On the air

We resumed broadcasting 24/7 on the afternoon of Sat. Oct. 10. Our new higher antenna location is just above treetop level, but the height above average terrain in our new west Madison location has made it necessary to reduce our ERP to 40 watts.

Back on the air soon

Our antenna is now up and connected to our broadcast equipment in our new home. We should be back on the air very soon.

Health Writers has new board

Today, 8/30/15, Health Writers met to elect a new board. Health Writers has been the FCC recognized owner of WIDE-LP since we first went on the air, but this is the first time its board has been composed entirely of supporters of low power radio. The current board is:

President: Eric Howland
Vice President: Robert Park
Treasurer: Tom Kozlovsky
Secretary: Susan Hagstrom

Additional board member:
Barbara Park

Moving to Midvale Heights

Since the FCC approved our relocation on 8/27/15, we have been hard at work getting ready to go on the air from our new home in the Midvale Heights Neighborhood on Madison's west side. The date when we resume broadcasting will be posted here.

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